We opened a shop.

We just popped up again – you might have wondered what happened to us. It’s a long story. First we dithered. Then we thought about a bit of prevarication but we couldn’t make our minds up about that. And the whole alphabet took ages. Then our local pub burnt down and the dog ate our homework. So you see it’s all perfectly understandable.

But now we have finally opened our Etsy shop! People often ask about buying Sandy’s monsters but each letter takes a week to create and paint – and that would make them a bit expensive! So we are making prints to sell at reasonable prices. We found some Bockingford watercolour inkjet paper to match the paper Sandy paints her artwork on and bought a super-quality Canon printer. So now you can buy a fine and dandy print of the initial letter or name for yourself, your partner, your children, your children’s children, your friends – or the vicar. All in a few clicks. They come in two sizes and have all the detail and fun of the originals. We’d love you to take a peek here and let us know what you think.

No more delays – we are getting on with it!

T . . . is for Tuesday

T to post1

Think we have been a little quiet at Night & Day? Well not that quiet. Keeping up with events and generally in the groove with a mixture of Radio 4 & Toots & the Maytals. Anyway to whet your appetite for the Monster Alphabet here is the letter T.

Hope you like these two dudes. They posed like this for hours . . .

Heroines & Harridans review

Nora-HildebrandCompletely by chance we came across a great review from the splendid Molly Flatt this morning. No idea how we missed it! Thought we’d share it with you.

Here is the Link.

One Umbrella

folioman400The Night & Day website now includes both our portfolios. Back to work on our first book now . . .

E . . . is for Easter

E sketch002Hope your Easter is a monster! We are spending ours painting & planning . . .

Hurry up!

shower011Well, Lady ‘Bulldog’ Burton is all ready to appear as an ibook but there is a technical glitch with Apple. Holly in Customer Support is being very helpful but it’s not something she’s seen before so she has a technical chap on the case for us.

Get the plumbing sorted Apple – she’s getting cold!


Jinks flees
Hello! Nice to see you but we are not quite ready yet.

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Look forward to seeing you again . . . soon.