Gary Day-Ellison

I studied Graphic Design & Printmaking at St. Martin’s & Brighton.

Volunteer art direction for the Association of Illustrators brought me to the attention of David Larkin at Pan Books, London. Under his mentoring hand I found my feet and developed a love of illustration & photography. A chance to grow is the rich potting compost of a wealth of talent working at Pan and great vitality in the creative community generally. Worked for a decade or so as Design & Art Director for all Pan adult & childrens imprints. I particularly enjoyed on the Picador list working with Sonny Mehta for more than a decade. A marriage of written and visual talents.

Moved on to a short stay at Decca Records then the freelance life in Devon. I have been fortunate enough to work with hosts of top-line authors, publishers, companies and art schools.

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